Emsisoft Anti-Malware shows how it’s done: MRG Effitas Tests Q2-Q3 2013

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Emsisoft Anti-Malware succeeded in two of the latest MRG Effitas assessments with a perfect score, proving once more its reliability in online security.

1) MRG Effitas Time to Detect Assessment Q2 & Q3 2013

 The MRG Effitas “Time to Detect Assessment” examines both which antivirus products are able to prevent infections of 300 brand new malware samples as well as the time to accomplish a 100% detection rate within a 24 hour period. 275 of the attempts to infect the system were performed using live URLs via Internet Explorer and 25 via a USB stick.


Amongst all 17 participants, Emsisoft Anti-Malware was one of the few to pass the MRG Effitas Time to Detect Assessment with a detection rate of 100% at the first run!

Read the complete report at the MRG Effitas website.


2) MRG Effitas “Time to Detect & Remediate Assessment” Project Q2 2013

The latest MRG Effitas “Time to Detect & Remediate Assessment” focusses on core financial malware such as ZeuS and Torpig, being still one of the most spread active malware families worldwide. All 17 tested antivirus products were challenged to prevent infections of 250 brand new banking trojans from live URLs. Further, security applications that were not able to prevent bespoke infection initially, the time until the vedors react on new appearance (remediation performance) was taken into consideration for the final rating, too.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware passed the MRG Effitas “Time to Detect & Remediate Assessment” with a score of 100% out of the box and was certified with the MRG Online Banking Security Assessment Q2 2013 award.

The complete report is available for download at the MRG Effitas website.


About MRG Effitas

MRG is assessing the ability of a cohort of security products to prevent an endpoint from being infected by live, ITW malware. The two metrics MRG Effitas believes are most relevant are:

1. The time taken to protect a system. There are two sub elements to this metric:

  • Time to detect
  • Time to remediate

2. Assessment of data exfiltration. There are three sub elements to this metric:

  • Determination as to whether a data breach has occurred or not (uncorrupted data)
  • Calculation of what was breached
  • Measurement of how long the breach occurred


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