Graphical Reporting

We provide technology that effectively monitors real time business activity and performance. Our graphical reporting solutions extend visibility into key performance indicators from any data source in your organization.

The Power of Data

We provide an operational business intelligence environment for rapid prototyping, cloning and deployment from any and all databases, business intelligence platforms, spreadsheets, applications, etc. throughout your organization.

The unique value proposition to you includes:

  • Real-time exploration and view of corporate data KPI alerts
  • Real-time data aggregation
  • Easy data collection and transformation
  • Enterprise ready with platform independence
  • Built in geographical mapping
  • Rapid development and deployment of dashboards
  • Readable documents for everyone
  • Visualize data wherever it resides
  • Runs on virtually any operating system
  • Discover trends, exceptions and root causes
  • Filter views/security based on who you are
  • Enterprise scalability and availability
  • Reduced reporting creation and distribution costs
  • Web enabled enterprise portal and mobile support
  • Flexible data source connectivity capabilities

Executives and managers at every level are equipped to turn data into decisions that improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.  Through data visualization tools supported by AhelioTech, you will have greater insight to your organization’s performance.

To learn more about Graphical Performance Reporting from AhelioTech, contact us or dial (614) 333-0000 to speak with a member of our team.