Mobile Solutions

Businesses are increasingly relying more and more on mobile technology. That dependency means that more and more businesses across Columbus, OH are in need of mobile office and device management from those that specialize in mobile office solutions.

AhelioTech is an expert in mobile business setup, infrastructure, and management. We have the tools and expertise necessary to perform all sorts of mobile business solutions, including:

  • Installation and Setup of Mobile Office Applications
  • Support and Maintenance for Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Data Security and Monitoring

Whether you have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy or you’re supplying the mobile devices, mobile device management becomes a crucial component of an effective business, and at AhelioTech, we provide all of these services for costs that won’t hurt your ROI.

We work with all smartphone platforms, including:


We also work with Tablet PCs, and we’ll continue to stay updated with the future of mobile device technology. We make it easy to collaborate with other professionals securely, as well as share files, work through cloud media and cloud storage, and so much more.

Our Mobile App Development Services

We are also one of the few providers of custom mobile app development, so if you are in need of a special app to help you with your mobile computing needs, we’ll be able to complete it for you. There is nothing that we cannot offer you at AhelioTech, with a variety of solutions that are certain to help you with your business’s mobile needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we use these solutions for your mobile business needs, contact us today at (614) 333-0000. Let AhelioTech show you why we are the number one IT outsourcing company in Ohio, and how we’ve helped so many Columbus businesses thrive.