Computer Network Services

Your network should reflect your business needs. We can help you design, deploy, and optimize a networking solution that better serves your organization.

Computer Network Setup & Design

We provide complete network setup and design services, handling everything from planning to hardware procurement to implementation. We can help you design a completely new infrastructure that will be able to grow with your business, or modify your existing network to better serve your current needs.

Server Deployment & Maintenance

The heartbeat of your business is your servers. If anything goes wrong with them, your business can slow down to a crawl, or even stop completely. Clearly, it is important to have servers that are efficient and reliable. We specialize in setting up servers in configurations that optimize their performance and minimize the risk of failure. With options such as RAID, clustering, offsite redundancy, and load balancing, we can ensure that your servers don’t miss a beat.

Secure Remote Access

The Internet is huge. That is simultaneously useful and dangerous. This means it is important to restrict access to dangerous sites while also making sure useful ones are accessible. This will keep productivity at a maximum while protecting your equipment. With our Internet content filtering service you can set it and forget it; we handle all of the details so you don’t have to worry.

Network Monitoring

We provide a large array of network monitoring services. This includes leading-edge intrusion detection systems, packet level analysis of your network traffic, and CPU and bandwidth utilization of your network devices.

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