SSL Certificates

Consumers are well aware of online security concerns. An SSL certificate from AhelioTech will secure your website and help build trust with your customers

SSL Certificate Services with AhelioTech

Crime is no longer limited to the real world. Now, most crime occurs online, with hacked websites and stolen data that criminals use for malicious purposes. It is important to make sure your website is as secure as possible for both you and the customer, and one of the best ways to do that is with SSL Certificates. At AhelioTech, we make it easy to purchase and install SSL Certificates onto your website, building trust with the visitor and discouraging your website from being targeted by hackers.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.” It is an encryption technology that that encrypts communication between your computer, and the websites that you access. It protects customers by obscuring the data that is sent by the customer (for example, when they enter in their credit card number to make a purchase), and it helps the customer know they are on a trustworthy site.

Why Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

People are concerned about online privacy. SSL Certificates help ensure that users know they are on a private, secure website. It also helps protect you against legal action and bad press, by preventing third parties from stealing sensitive information (like credit cards, social security numbers,and login information) when they are entered into your website and sent to your server. SSL Certificates add a level of security that protects your organization. One that your website’s users will appreciate.

Let AhelioTech Set Up Your SSL Certificates

The process for obtaining and installing SSL Certificates can be complex. Our experience with web development means that we can assist you with setting up your SSL Certificates correctly. We will:

  • Purchase the SSL Certificate on Your Behalf
  • Install the SSL Certificate on Your Domain
  • Configure the SSL Certificate Into Your Shopping Cart
  • Insert the SSL Logo Onto Your Website

AhelioTech’s SSL Certificates

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Our SSL Certificate Installation services work with any type of website, and our background makes it easy for us to correctly and securely install these certificates on your domain the right way. For more information about our services, or to order your SSL certificate, please call us today at 614-333-0000, or fill out the form and we will assist you as soon as we can.