Medical & Healthcare

The Medical & Healthcare industry demands first-rate IT support, and AhelioTech delivers.

Being part of such a dynamic industry, AhelioTech recognizes the critical role it plays in ensuring that medical practitioners are able to maintain reliable networks while adapting and growing to meet the everyday needs of their patients. Technology is at the center of today’s medical healthcare industry and its impact on the lives of patients cannot be overemphasized.

Every day, as more and more technological advancements are made in the medical field, AhelioTech’s team of expert technicians simultaneously work round the clock to augment the state of the local medical practices in Columbus, Ohio by providing world-class, on-demand healthcare IT support services.

At AhelioTech, we understand that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every hospital, doctor’s office, dental care facility, and research lab depends on its servers, phones, and other applications to operate effectively. In some cases, a patient’s health may even be at stake. We are motivated by this reason among many others to deliver excellent healthcare IT support to medical practices on a consistent basis.

Our experience & expertise in the industry gives us the ability to assist you with any healthcare IT support need that arises within your practice. From Electronic Health Records and network systems implementation and maintenance to network security testing and HIPAA compliance audits, AhelioTech has made IT support a simple choice for medical and healthcare professionals across the state.

We Provide a Full Range of Outsourced IT Support Services Including the Following:

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Monthly Managed Support Service Plans
  • HIPAA Compliance Audits & Network Security Testing
  • EHR Implementation & Support Solutions
  • Remote & On-Site Help Desk Support
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Hosted Terminal & Application Server Solutions

We Support Several Medical Software Applications Such As:

What We Offer

Our team is a full service technology outsourcing company that provides the IT solutions that meet the needs of your organization. Since 2006, our team of provides a host of specialized services to ensure you have the tools you need to remain fully operational. Some of our services include:

IT Services

IT solutions for the healthcare industry are our specialty. Our team can provide IT consulting, technical support, managed services (with both remote and on-site support), networking monitoring, and more – all to make sure you have a 24 hour IT department when you need us.

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We provide computer network services, including network security, server support, cloud computing, data center development, network cabling, and office relocation services. Our team replaces the need for in-house networking specialists, with advanced capabilities that keep your healthcare organization fully operational.

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Voice & Data

We can help you set up VOIP services, create virtual fax systems, and provide you with mobile business solutions that make it easier to serve your patients.

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Web Development & Marketing

Before you can deliver great healthcare, you will need to make sure your business is known. We provide website development, SEO, customer portals, and online marketing to brand your healthcare services and help you reach a wider audience.

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Apps & Development

When you are ready to improve your business, we can provide application installation that matches your software needs. If no solution exists, we can design an application from scratch will help you provide better, more efficient medical care.

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These are only a few of the many IT solutions that we have available to the medical and healthcare fields. Please keep in mind that security and privacy are our main priorities. We perform all of our solutions with both the safety of your patients and the efficiency of your business in mind.

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