Content Management

Highly quality content is often overlooked when it comes to a company’s web presence. Often times companies do not have someone that is able to provide the content that is needed to help present customers and to capture future customers. Perfect images and a well designed site are not enough to capture an audience or to be ranked above your competitors by popular search engines. We all know that content is king when it comes to browser rankings so keeping your content up to date and regularly adding new content to entice your viewers to return to your site is important. The more return visitors you have, the more potential customers you will bring in.

Web Content

You can read many articles on why web content is important to your website and to your business, however that does not help you create the content and place it into your site. Our goal is to make every project we take on 100%. This includes helping our clients all the way form start to finish. We understand that keeping up content can be intimidating.

How We Can Help

Create Web Content

If you are not able to write your own content, we can do this for you once we have an understanding of your business and know exactly what it does.

Revise Content

Sometimes people are so skilled at their jobs that they forget that not everyone may understand what it is your talking about. We can help you to revise your content so that it is relevant, up to date, and understandable.

Aggregate Content

We can help you to find relevant content that is legal to repost and bring it into your site on a regular basis so that you do not have to worry about creating content for your blog posts.

Link Content

Search engines like to see links in a website. This helps the search engine validate and understand the page better. Links can lead to higher page ranking as well as generating more traffic and lower bounce rates.

Help You to Use Keywords

Keywords are key when it comes to search engine rankings. We can help you set up keywords for your content to help with your ranking.

Create Call to Actions

“Call to Actions” are simple requests that stand out on your website that ask the user to do something.  These are eye catching and are useful in leading visitors to content that you are showcasing.

To learn more about AhelioTech’s content management services, contact us or dial 614-305-7363 to speak with a member of our team.