Network Cabling and Wiring

It’s hard enough to set up a network. It is even harder when you have to account and plan for all of the wires involved, and how those wires and cables have to connect in a way that is safe for your company, visually appealing, and accurately reaches every single port that they are expected to connect to.

Cabling Services

AhelioTech is available to take the headaches out of cabling and wiring for all companies located in and around the Columbus area. Our team of trained experts knows how to plan and implement all cabling systems needed to network offices and companies. We work with wiring for nearly every type of technology including, but not limited to:

Data and Server Cabling

Audio/Visual Equipment Wiring

Voice and Phone Wiring and More

Our team of Columbus IT service professionals can help you plan for and connect every type of technology, including phone lines and phone cables, security systems and CCTV cameras (for both internal and external surveillance), internet cables and server networks, and more. We can prepare your data center, ready your desktops, and more, all for costs that are affordable for even the smallest of companies.

The Difficulty & Solutions for Wiring & Cabeling

You may not realize how difficult wiring and cabling can be until you start it, as well as the combination of both technical knowledge and creativity involved in wiring your office in a way that won’t affect day to day operations or safety. It can be a tremendous challenge, even for those that have IT departments in house.

AhelioTech can take all of that guesswork and all of those challenges out of the wiring and cabling process, helping companies in and around Columbus, Ohio handle all of their cables with ease. We’re also one of the leaders of IT consulting in the area, so if we spot any problems with your system or your products, we’ll be there to solve it and let you know the best solution for the future.

Contact us today at (614) 333-0000 to find out more about these cabling services, and to find out why they are such a smart decision for any size office and any type of wiring need. Call AhelioTech now.