Web Design & Development

We work closely with the client in order to create a site that is perfect for your needs. Our website services includes creating, designing, and optimizing websites and is laid out by the following principles:

Know the Audience

Knowing the audience allows you to correctly identify the proper time and place for brand messages.

Marketing Foresight

Providing the right content, to the right audience, at the right time.

Website Optimization

Maximize the efficiency of your website for usability, search engine optimization, and user tracking and analysis.

Our Methodology

The core of our web design methodology is the process used when gathering requirements and programming your website. It is built on industry standard software development models that have been guided by the expertise of our developers, designers and clients. This process ensures that budgets, timelines and product deliverables are dealt with in a timely fashion and are consistently met. Your experience is important to us, and we strive to make it exceptional. We will achieve this by using the following phases:

Web Development Process

Web Design Columbus, Ohio - AhelioTech

Our Standards


Measuring Functionality

As a marketing program is developed and implemented, AhelioTech develops standards to measure the program. These standards are established to define what success is for that particular project or program. For each program or web development project, the standards are created based on the objectives. For example, we measure a website’s functionality on the following standards:

  • Traffic Reporting
  • Length of visit
  • Pages accessed
  • Participation in opt-in surveys or download of materials

Each of these standards is then attached to the overall objective of the program or project objective to define “success” and the quality of work.

Continuous Support

AhelioTech’s continuous support offers ongoing assistance for your websites. During this process, we assist you with reviewing the usability and ways to improve your website. During this both AhelioTech and our clients review the overall functionality of the website and make suggestions and corrections as needed if applicable.

We follow some specific processes, to ensure that a website is successful. This includes the following:

  • Functionality testing: The focus of usability testing is to objectively validate site structure, appeal and ease of use, while further clarifying how competitor sites are being used as well.
    SEO: AhelioTech utilizes meta tags, Alexa, and the appropriate placement of keywords within the copy to determine its search engine capability. We write content with SEO in mind.
  • Performance Testing: AhelioTech performance and measures load times. This helps us find ways to better optimize the site. We have also spent a lot of time developing internal “best practices” to utilize with our clients. These “best practices” are specific to physical size of page, length of content, optimal page layout and more.
  • Client involvement varies during each stage of the web design process. Our overall philosophy is that the client is always the focal point and essential to the entire process.

During all web development phases, we request a single point of contact in which all project activities are coordinated. This contact also serves a communications role within the client organization to facilitate necessary involvement from different functions within that organization.

  • During the Evaluate phase, information-gathering activities are a vital component. We typically conduct the information gathering process with key stakeholders in order to understand branding considerations, marketing strategy and technical requirements, as well as legal parameters. It is very beneficial and generally essential to gain insight on marketing research. Whether it has already been completed or is going to be completed, it will help us better develop the overall site strategy and form the direction of the site. From an organizational perspective, client involvement tends to be high during the Evaluate phase.
  • During the  Web Design phase, recommendations are created. They describe how the creative, strategic and technical requirements identified during the Evaluate phase will be satisfied. The client’s point of contact and other key members of the Project Team are involved in reviewing and approving these recommendations as they are developed. In most cases, content gathering and acquisition is also an objective of this phase. In our experience timely availability of content is the most critical aspect in completing projects in a timely manner. In addition, legal reviews are conducted during this phase to check for copyright violations along with other legalities.
  • During the Web Development phase, client involvement is usually limited to project status discussions and follow up’s on resolutions to key issues. Our development team is focused on implementing the design and building the solution during this phase.
  • When the project reaches the Implement phase, client involvement increases again to include the review of the final deliverable(s) by the core Project Team. Again, legal reviews are conducted during this phase.
  • It has proven that timely execution of these activities has a significant influence on the overall project timelines. Once the deliverable is approved and implemented, client activities tend to increase as the solution is rolled out as part of the overall marketing strategy.

In addition to the Evaluate phase, we assess what characterizes the competitive nature of the environment the site is exposed into. This provides insight as to the best use of the content resources, within the overall project strategy. Finally, primary and/or secondary research may also be conducted and necessary to provide deeper insight into the overall project strategy.

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