Why Archive Your Information?

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Archiving is a critical component of any organization’s records management strategy. It involves the secure storage of inactive information for extended periods, preserving data that may be needed in the future according to retention schedules. Archiving allows your organization to tackle compliance issues and leverage opportunities that come with having a centralized system of record and the ability to store communications quickly and efficiently. This process is sometimes overlooked by organizations, but it is critical to business operations.  


Why Does Your Company Need an Archiving Method?

  • Preventing Data Loss: One of the top benefits of archiving is preventing data loss within organizations. Effective archiving systems protect against data loss and ensure that valuable information is preserved. 
  • Decreasing Operating Expenses: Archiving allows you to store data on affordable devices, saving energy and data center costs.  
  • Improving Document Security: Archiving improves document security by ensuring that sensitive or valuable information is stored securely. This is especially important for compliance with various laws and regulations. 
  • Compliance and Legal Requirements: Organizations must comply with governmental regulations, legal obligations, and intellectual property requirements. Proper archiving provides audit and legal proof in case of related incidents. 
  • Enhancing Productivity: Access to archived data is easier and faster, allowing employees to focus on other important tasks instead of spending time managing archive data. 
  • Data Lifecycle Management: Managing data becomes easier when unused data is archived, leaving the organization with fewer records to process. 


Why Archive Now?

 The need for compliance and industry regulations continues to increase. Businesses are discovering challenges regarding discovery, implementation, audits, litigation and sometimes personal liability for employees. While archiving does not prevent these scenarios, it helps a business stay ahead of changing regulations while maintaining an elevated level of compliance with a simple interface that is easy to access. Archiving also increases efficiency by removing unnecessary documents from everyday access.  

Contact AhelioTech today to learn more about our Archiving Solutions. We are here to help you implement and select the plan that meets the specific needs of your organization.   


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