Data Management Services

AhelioTech provides data warehouse/data mart and business intelligence services that support the full life cycle of solution implementation, including improvement of existing data operations and development of new systems.

Offsite Backup

As far as your business is concerned, there very few things more detrimental to company stability and efficiency than critical data loss. With AhelioTech’s custom offsite backup solutions, you can now rest assured that you will always have access to a copy of your data, no matter what happens. Even in cases of total disaster, our offsite backup solutions make it possible to get back on your feet in the most timely manner possible.

AhelioTech’s team of data professionals is dedicated to making sure that your company’s mission critical data is being backed up routinely and successfully. We monitor all data backups around the clock, regardless of when they run, and check all client backups daily to ensure they are completing without errors or omissions. Our main focus as a data solutions provider is maintaining the integrity of your businesses most important information and ensuring that you have access to the data you need, when you need it.

We will work with you to develop and deploy a data backup and storage policy that lowers your total cost of ownership and provides you with confidence that your data is safe, sound and easily accessible. Call today to learn more about how AhelioTech can help you avoid the risks of critical data loss.

Access Solutions

In case of an emergency, it is best practice to have more than one method of data recovery. For this reason, AhelioTech provides access to your backed-up data not only as daily & weekly on-site backup images but also allowing you to retrieve your daily archived backups from our secure servers.

Failover Solutions

Your website is often the only 24/7 sales person you have. When your website goes down it can often mean lost business and a damaged reputation. Although it is impossible to completely avoid hardware failures, it is possible to ensure continuous service with AhelioTech’s virtualized redundancy and failover solutions.

To learn more about Data Management Services from AhelioTech, contact us or dial (614) 333-0000 to speak with a member of our team.