Recording Messages for Phone System IVR

Recording Messages for Phone System IVR
  1. Go to a phone that is connected to the phone system.
  2. Write down the extension that you’re using to record from. (We will need this)
  3. Write down the options you want in the order you want them (We will need this)
  4. Dial *77
    • When you hear the beep, begin your recording. Once you’re done recording press the # button.
  5. You will hear options to re-record or listen to your message.
  6. If you are happy with the recording that you have done, email with the following information:
    • When you would like the recording to go live
    • The extension that you did the recording from
    • The order that you recorded the information in the IVR
      • Example: Press 1 for this press 2 for that
  7. At any time, from the same phone, you can press *99# to listen to your recording.