Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

What is Network Monitoring?

Network Monitoring is essential for network security, as it detects and prevents potential threats and network failures.  AhelioTech’s Network Monitoring solution involves collecting data from various network devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers and applications, and then uses software tools to visualize, alert and troubleshoot network issues.


With properly monitored networks, weakness or potential threats are detected long before they affect the organization or the end user.

Enforce Network Policies

Monitoring your network enforces network policies such as access control, encryption, authentication and firewall rules.

Improved Visibility

When monitored, your network provides a comprehensive view of the network status and performance, as well as the health and activity of each network device and application.

Faster Resolution

Monitoring enables faster detection and diagnosis of network problems, as well as faster recovery and restoration of network services. This helps to minimize the impact and damage of network incidents.

Enhanced Performance

 By identifying and resolving potential issues that could affect the network speed and quality, your network performance and efficiency is optimized.

Reduced Costs

Monitoring reduces the costs associated with network maintenance and management by automating and streamlining the network operations and processes. This saves time and resources within your organization.

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