Network Monitoring

The AhelioTech Network Monitor is an integrated hardware & software solution that monitors your entire network. If any issues are discovered, AhelioTech or your internal technical staff receive instant notification, allowing you to drastically decrease downtime and loss of work.

Cost-Effective, Efficient, and Virtually Maintenance-Free

The AhelioTech Network Monitor offers the most affordable, in-depth solutions with virtually no maintenance. As long as your network has access to the Internet, it will be maintained remotely without having to dispatch technicians.

Automatic updates keep the AhelioTech Network Monitor up to date with the most current policy definitions for monitoring internal and external resources. The updates are sent securely and encrypted over the Internet.

AhelioTech Network Monitoring-2

Robust and Statistically Proven

The AhelioTech Network Monitor can monitor any device equipped with an IP address, no matter what operating system it is running. It can also monitor specific services on a server or computer. If your emails go down, yet your server stays up, it will recognize and send a notification immediately.

The AhelioTech Network Monitor cannot prevent a virus from infecting your computer. However, it is able to notify the appropriate person if your anti-virus application is down. This will allow AhelioTech, or your technical staff, to proactively prevent potential problems from occurring.

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