Web Services

Web Design

We work closely with the client in order to create a site that is perfect for your needs. Our website services includes creating, designing, and optimizing websites and is laid out by the following principles:

Know the Audience – knowing the audience allows you to correctly identify the proper time and place for brand messages

Marketing Foresight providing the right content, to the right audience, at the right time

Website Optimization – maximize the efficiency of your website for usability, search engine optimization, and user tracking and analysis


Highly quality content is often overlooked when it comes to a company’s web presence. Often times companies do not have someone that is able to provide the content that is needed to help present customers and to capture future customers. Perfect images and a well designed site are not enough to capture an audience or to be ranked above your competitors by popular search engines. We all know that content is king when it comes to browser rankings so keeping your content up to date and regularly adding new content to entice your viewers to return to your site is important. The more return visitors you have, the more potential customers you will bring in.


Our website migration services are managed by our own expert technicians who will take care of your site as if it were one of our own. We will also take care of all communications with your current hosting company so that you don’t have to. We do not use an automated system to perform our migrations, instead we use a personalized hands on approach. This way we know for sure your site has been moved and is functioning the way it should be with all of its data.


Your website is a main visual representation of your organization and in many cases it is your storefront. With constant updates, security issues and database problems shouldn’t your site or web application have someone who is an expert in the field look after it and keep it running smooth. You wouldn’t go on a long trip without having your car looked at first, why do the same with your website.


Your organization has spent a lot of time and money in branding to display themselves a specific way. Your website should follow through with this brand recognition. To not do so only creates confusion among your viewers. Images play strongly into your brand and should be styled accordingly, being consistent with colors, tones, and styles. But don’t think of only photographs, info graphics are a great way to engage customers by sharing knowledge. We know this is a lot to think about and we realize that not everyone is trained to work in media. Good thing we are here to help you with your media issues.


Web hosting can be complicated unless you understand all the terminology around it. Many people think that any hosting company will work with any project, unfortunately this is not the case. We can help you find out exactly what kind of hosting you need and then get everything up and running smooth and secure.