Allowing an IP in Untangle

1. Log into your untangle box.

2. Enter Username and Password.

3. Click Login

Allowing a Site in Untangle-1

4. In the section labeled ‘Web Filter’, click Settings.

Allowing a Site in Untangle-2

5. Click the Pass Lists tab.

Allowing an IP in Untangle-10

6. Click Edit Passed Client IPs.

Allowing an IP in Untangle-11

7. Click Add.

Allowing an IP in Untangle-12

8. Add an IP address or range

9. Add description of IP/range.

10. Click Done

Allowing an IP in Untangle-13

Your newly added site will appear here, in green.

11. Click Apply

12. Click Save

Allowing an IP in Untangle-14

13. Click Save.

Allowing a Site in Untangle-7

13. Click OK.

Allowing a Site in Untangle-8