Business Desktop Computer Support

 Managing your own desktop workstations can be a time consuming task. Your IT staff has better things to do than work with the day to day hassles of Desktop technology, which is why those in Columbus, Ohio turn to AhelioTech for all of their desktop management IT needs.

Why Work With AhelioTech?

AhelioTech is an industry leader in IT outsourcing, available for desktop repair, troubleshooting, and more. Our team of highly trained and skilled IT experts provide top tier support for all of your desktop management needs. Our 24 hour helpdesk is available to handle all desktop problems, and we want to be your number one choice for desktop IT outsourcing in Columbus, Ohio.

When you work with AhelioTech, you’ll be able to:

  • Decrease time spent troubleshooting and analyzing problems.
  • Reduce the pressure on IT staff, or reduce the need for in-house IT solutions.
  • Rest assured that your desktop needs are in the hands of experts.

Your employees need immediate desktop support, and an in house IT provider may not be able to provide you with the immediate assistance you need. Our company’s ability to connect to your workstation immediately and solve any desktop management problems allows us to keep your employees working, all without hurting your ROI.

Desktop Repair and Maintenance Through AhelioTech

We’re a group of IT professionals with comprehensive knowledge of desktop related issues in Columbus. That is why we are able to provide complete desktop repair, replacement, troubleshooting, and even analysis and monitoring solutions to ensure that your entire network continues to work at peak efficiency.

Our helpdesk is always available, ready to assist you with any and all of your desktop support needs, including:

Microsoft Support

 Struggling with Microsoft Windows? Having problems with Microsoft Exchange? Dealing with issues that only a Microsoft specialist can understand?

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Linux Support

For companies that use, or want to use, Linux based products like Ubuntu, it’s important to have access to expert Linux support to keep things running smoothly.

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Apple Support

Not everyone has in-house staff that is ready to work with Apple and the Mac OS. These systems can be challenging, especially when something goes wrong.

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Computer Services

AhelioTech provides top tier customer support for all types of computer problems. From troubleshooting to repair to virus cleanup, we can help.

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