AhelioTech Computer Virus & Malware Cleanup

Computers can be infected with all types of viruses, and like any virus you sometimes need an expert to come diagnose the problem and prescribe effective solutions. At AhelioTech, we’re the first place to call for virus scanning and virus removal services, and we’re confident that we can spot the problem and remove it completely so that your computers and servers are running safely.

Columbus Business Malware Removal and Computer Security Services

A virus at your business can bring down an entire network. In some cases, it may also cause safety and legal issues. Viruses can cause entire servers to crash, and some malware may steal passwords and sensitive information that can cause critical problems within your organization.

While traditional virus scanners are valuable, they may not be enough to capture every problem, and when you believe you have a virus on one of your computers it is best not to leave it up to chance. At AhelioTech, our technicians will work with your Columbus business, find the virus, and eliminate it.

Columbus Residential Virus Scanning and Removal

When you use a personal computer, it’s not uncommon to find that you’ve accidentally clicked on a link or visited a website that happened to have some type of virus or malware. If your computer isn’t equipped to remove it and reformatting isn’t an option, we’re happy to take in your computer and remove any:

  • Viruses
  • Adware
  • Spyware

Or any other Malware that may be preventing your computer from operating properly.

Our company takes a customer-first approach to everything that we do, and we’re confident that when you call us you’ll be beyond satisfied with how thorough and professional our services are.

Contact us today online or by calling (614) 333-0000 to find out more about our virus and malware services, or to schedule an appointment.