4 Big Advantages of Switching to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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4 Big Advantages of Switching to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Just about every business, no matter how large or small, is using some type of cloud application. Business processes in the cloud save money, make data and software available from anywhere with an internet connection, and lower overall technology costs.

But there is still one legacy system that is holding many companies back from completely scalable and accessible workflows… their computers.

People use a “main computer” workstation that holds all their settings, apps, and non-cloud files. This means that employees working while mobile or from home are often working at less than full productivity because they don’t have access to that “main computer.”

Or if they can access it through remote login, their access is often slower than normal and not quite the same as being in front on their desktop. Lugging a desktop between home and work also isn’t very convenient for staff that works in both places.

Approximately 53% of remote employees use their personal computer when working from home.

What if your desktop computer could be cloud accessible too, just like your business apps?

You could use any device to login to your “main computer” and have the desktop, operating system, settings, and files that you use every day. This is exactly what a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is.

It puts your entire computer workspace in the cloud, so your last tether to a physical location is gone. You and your team are free to work at full productivity from anywhere with an internet connection.

Why This May Be the Year to Switch to Virtual Desktops

The pandemic accelerated the already growing work-from-home (WFH) trend. Companies in Columbus and around the country that might have never considered a WFH team, were suddenly faced with having to put one in place to continue operating.

And you know what? Many of them saved money!

Workers are often more productive when working remotely due to fewer interruptions, and both companies and employees save money in multiple ways.

The number of permanently remote workers around the world is expected to double in 2021.

To fully power a flexible team that can work from anywhere it makes sense to upgrade from physical workstations to virtual ones. Here are several of the advantages of working with AhelioTech to implement VDIs at your business.

Lower Your Hardware Costs

New business computers can cost anywhere between $1,500 to $2,500 and higher, depending upon your user requirements. The productive lifespan is typically around 3-4 years, with PCs older than 4 years being 2.7x more likely to need repairs costing money and productivity time.

Virtual desktops don’t have any parts that are going to wear out and they can be accessed from a tablet or a much less expensive PC that doesn’t need a lot of storage or high-level business specs.

Workstations and servers can be easily replaced with less expensive VDI, which use an encrypted connection to enterprise-level cloud servers in a state-of-the-art data center.

The money you save can then be invested in your revenue-generation activities and infrastructure.

Everything Works! No More Hardware Headaches.

VDI means trouble-free employee workstations. There are no more problems with sluggish computers, hard drive crashes, or other typical problems that lead to additional repair costs and downtime.

Everything is expertly managed and backed up in a cloud environment. Employees can just log in and enjoy a stable and fast PC environment that does everything they need.

Access Your PC From Anywhere

Virtual desktops are the perfect solution for remote employees and employees that work both at home and at the office. It’s like having your computer follow you everywhere and magically appear when you need it.

There is no longer a problem with using a personal PC to access your work, because it’s only being used as the conduit to get to your VDI. All memory and performance resources are handled in the cloud, so there aren’t any frustrations with having to work from a slower device.

Employees can access all files, settings, contacts, etc. no matter where they are, which reduces that feeling of working with one hand tied behind your back when you’re not on your “main computer.”

Increased Security

Do all your employee devices currently have all software and operating system updates installed? Many business owners aren’t sure because they leave it to employees to install their own updates, and some will, but others won’t. This leaves a huge security vulnerability in a company’s network.

When desktops are virtual, companies have more control over those environments. They have visibility into their entire virtual environment and can easily have updates and security patches installed remotely.

Another important security aspect is the offboarding process. If you have a remote employee that quits unexpectedly, how do you ensure they don’t still have work product, company emails, etc.. on their device?

With a VDI setup, you can simply revoke that employee’s access to their virtual desktop. All company files and communications on that VDI stay secure and under the company’s control.

Upgrade to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Today!

AhelioTech can help your Columbus area business save money and improve productivity through a VDI transformation.

Contact us today for a free quote. Call 614-333-0000 or reach out online.

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