SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: AhelioTech Unveils New AI Phone System 

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Starting October 2nd, callers will begin to experience AhelioTech’s new AI-driven phone system. This new upgrade will provide better efficiency, reliability, and accuracy. The system will utilize an artificial intelligence engine to automate and optimize opening tickets and intelligent call routing. 


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Opening New Tickets in the New Phone System 

Our new AI-driven phone system can use speech recognition technology to convert spoken words into text. This technology will allow users to open tickets in our system and assign your support request to the appropriate team needing to be addressed.  


Getting Status of Your Existing Tickets 

AhelioTech’s automated AI phone system uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand the caller’s intent to route them to the most appropriate agent or department. This can reduce wait times, improve customer satisfaction, and increase conversion rates.  

When clients call in to get an update, you will be asked to provide your ticket number for the issue on which you want more information. Your ticket number is more important than ever and is the key to getting the latest status of what is happening on your ticket or getting you routed to the technician working on your issue. 


Improve Analytics to Improve Service 

AhelioTech’s new AI phone system can use data analysis and predictive analytics to provide us with valuable insights regarding call performance, customer behavior, technician productivity and more. AhelioTech will use these insights to make informed decisions, optimize our processes and provide improved processes that will positively impact our service and resolution times.  

AhelioTech’s AI phone system is a smart and powerful solution that we feel will take our business communication with you, the client, to the next level. While this system is an enhanced automated system, there will still be an option provided to opt out and be directed to a technician.   


Contact AhelioTech Today with Any Questions about this New Service.  


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