Popular Technology Stories That Can Impact Your Business

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Popular Technology Stories That Can Impact Your Business

Some technology news stories are cool to read, but don’t really impact a business owner’s operations in any significant way. But others can give them insights that help them stay ahead of new advances and security threats.

2020 and the first week of 2021 have brought a lot in the way of technology news, but which news stories can inform your policies?

We’ll go through several of the popular tech stories of recent months below and connect them to things like your own company’s cybersecurity and cloud services, to give you actionable insights.

Amazon Sidewalk Launches

Amazon announced that its new shared neighborhood network was launching by the end of 2020. This creates an entirely new paradigm in IoT devices and how technology companies “borrow” user assets to power their own services.

Amazon Sidewalk is a low-bandwidth network created by Amazon to increase the outdoor range of connectivity for devices like Ring security cameras and Echo smart speakers.

The controversial part is that Amazon opted in compatible devices beginning at the end of last year without user’s taking any action. The network uses bandwidth and data from those opted in device networks to create an Amazon network for its approved devices only.

How this impacts your business:

This could pose a security risk for offices that use any opted-in devices as well as remote employee networks. The service is brand new, and Amazon is inviting 3rd party developers to make devices that can connect, which increases the security risk.

If users don’t want to be part of the network, they need to specially opt-out in their Alexa app settings.

TikTok’s Potential Ban in the U.S.

The popular video social app TikTok was in the news much of 2020 due to the parent company of the app being located in China and concerns about that government using the app for espionage or tracking of citizens.

Counties like India banned the app and the U.S. also is intending to do the same, citing national security concerns. The potential TikTok ban is currently going through the appeals court system to determine whether or not the app will be blocked from being used in the country.

How this impacts your business:

Employers are increasingly becoming aware of the need to secure mobile devices that may share personal and work data on the same device. Some apps can read and connect to data on a device outside the app itself. (This was one of the concerns with TikTok.)

If you don’t already have one, it’s important to put endpoint device security and management in place that keeps any work information on a device protected from potentially dangerous apps that might be on the same smartphone.

Zoom Bombing Becomes a New Term (and Problem)

The pandemic brought on an unprecedented rise in video conferencing as offices around the country were forced to close and conduct business virtually.

Zoom became a star because of its ease of use, being used by businesses, schools, and governments.

This led to a new cybersecurity phenomenon called “Zoom Bombing,” which is when uninvited people show up in a video conference to disrupt it by shouting obscenities and worse.

In August of 2020, Capital University had its virtual welcome for new students Zoom Bombed by someone showing inappropriate images and shouting obscenities.

Video conference providers quickly scrambled to make their platforms default to more secure settings and add ways to keep this from happening to users.

How this impacts your business:

The pandemic has changed the way business is conducted in multiple ways, which puts pressure on companies to look at IT security in a different way. They need to think beyond on-premises security to virtual security.

This includes securing audio/video conferencing, cloud storage, remote networks, and more.

The Rise of AI Use in Common Applications

When you think of AI and machine learning being used, it often conjures up images of some large enterprise corporation on the cutting edge of some new technology.

But if you use Microsoft Word in Microsoft 365, then you’re already using AI. Artificial Intelligence is becoming a programming must in the tools we use every day.

In Microsoft 365, it powers things like Editor and Presenter Coach. If you use Adobe Photoshop, then you were most likely blown away by the new AI advances released during Adobe’s 2020 MAX event, which includes the ability to age or make younger people photos, add smiles, and more at the click of a button.

How this impacts your business:

AI is most likely already impacting your business in ways you didn’t realize through the tools you use each day. It’s important to be mindful of how AI is deployed in applications and what it can enable, so you can make the most of it.

Is Your Business Ready to Hit the Ground Running in 2021?

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