The Importance of Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

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The Importance of Microsoft 365 Backup Solutions

Across many industries, Microsoft Office 365 has become common. Microsoft’s productivity suite is the cornerstone for everyday communication and teamwork at many businesses. As a result, malicious criminals of all types, including fraudsters, and irate ex-employees, now prioritize targeting Microsoft Office 365. According to a recent report, threats in Office 365 have increased by 63% in the previous years.

A comprehensive and adaptable Office 365 backup and recovery solution are increasingly crucial for Microsoft 365 customers. Backup and recovery solutions apprehend a point-in-time duplicate of a database, file, or the entire data on the computer system and inscribe the data into a subordinate storing device. That way, users can retrieve it in times to come. This means that any data that are deleted accidentally can quickly be recovered. 

Organizations continue to choose Microsoft 365 for ease of collaboration in the cloud.

Because the records can be easily lost, it comes to be essential for every business and individual to choose the Microsoft 365 backup solution that retains every tad of data safely. Read on to have more knowledge about why Microsoft 365 backup solution is crucial for businesses.

Importance of Microsoft 365 Backup Solution

Here are some of the importance of Microsoft 365 backup solutions:

A Microsoft backup solution presents MSPs with a new revenue opportunity

One of the key benefits of MSPs offering quality Microsoft 365 backup services is the ability to assist you in increasing your revenue. The simple truth is that MSP can increase its service fees the more data protection it provides for its clients. Customers will see more value and be more willing to pay for an MSP’s services if they receive higher-quality protection.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty can be greatly increased by having a backup ready for recovery at the precise moment when they believe they may have lost crucial information.

Microsoft backups assist in closing retention gaps

Retention policies in Microsoft 365 are not backups; rather, they are intended to assist enterprises in adhering to rules, regulations, and internal policies that demand that they retain or delete content. However, even if you choose to use your retention policy in place of a backup, these policies are challenging to monitor, let alone maintain. A backup offers easier recovery with longer and more accessible retention that is protected and kept in one location.

Microsoft backups offer protection from the risks of internal threats

Threats to our businesses typically come to mind when discussing how to defend against outside forces. However, threats from the inside also affect many businesses, and they occur more frequently than you may imagine. Having a top-notch recovery solution reduces the possibility that crucial data will be stolen, lost, or destroyed.

Microsoft backups provide protection from losses brought on by external threats

As ransomware becomes more sophisticated, criminals are discovering new ways to get in touch with other users and trick them into clicking a link that encrypts all of the organization’s data and demands a ransom. Data lost during the attack can be simply recovered from a backup. Therefore, it is crucial always to back up your data constantly.

Microsoft backups offer protection against unintentional data deletion

In Microsoft 365, this is really the most frequent reason for data loss. Whether you intended to delete a user or not, the deletion will be duplicated throughout the network. That data might be recovered from a backup to Microsoft 365 or an on-premises exchange.

A backup can save MSPs cost

For many MSPs, the more expensive enterprise editions of Microsoft 365 are not always worth the investment. The truth is that many applications with a much larger price tag are redundant and useless for smaller MSPs and their clients. The Business Standard edition can be used with a third-party backup solution to provide a robust alternative that meets all your demands while saving money.

Microsoft backups assist in the management of legal and compliance requirements

Microsoft 365 has eDiscovery features built in. A third-party backup solution is designed to simplify searching for backed-up data and speedily reinstate records to meet up all the regulatory compliance requests.

Backup can also aid your MSPs in saving time and effort

The reduced amount of time spent carrying out activities that can be mechanized or made easy, the extra time you’ll have to dedicate to your clients. With the use of a unified console, you can control backups for all of your clients, regardless of the data or device kinds, from a single location. You can help your customers more when you put less time and effort into managing backups.

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