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In an ever-changing technological market, people thrive on being the first to have the latest and greatest model of a device or hardware.  Others prefer bleeding edge to cutting edge waiting to see what new enhancements have been made to determine if it is worth the investment. Determining the value of having Next Gen Firewall (NGFW) technology is of the upmost importance.  Not upgrading creates vulnerability for your organization.  This is often a breach of finances, data and / or intellectual property.   This is where you, the consumer of NGFW, will see your return on your investment.

What are Next Gen Firewalls?

A NGFW is designed to recognize and protect against modern, ever-changing and more detrimental cyberattacks that organizations face daily. Is your organization prepared for such attacks?

Traditional firewalls are designed to police traffic going through the firewall based on port, protocol, source and destination addresses. A NGFW builds on this approach and adds the capabilities of application aware processing, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, along with DNS and web filtering when licensed.

How Have Cyber Threats Changed?

A new generation of users have grown up with readily available access to high-speed internet and information. This, along with technological advancements, allows threats to be created that we could not even imagine a decade ago.

Time spent on social media and online activity where users share their personal information is more prevalent than ever.  Personal data is the most valuable commodity in an attacker’s world today. Social media, online shopping, financial management, etc. require users to dump their personal information into a cesspool from which hackers thrive and grow. This is not only a threat to individual users but to your company.

Once the door to data is open, it can be very hard to close leaving everyone involved vulnerable to a cyberattack. There will always be a level of human error and NGFWs are not the silver bullet that will protect from that risk.  But, a NGFW will add an additional layer of high-level security to your network.

Why is it important for a business to upgrade to Next Gen Firewalls?

Let’s be honest, when investing money into new technology, especially hardware, it is appealing to splurge for the ultra-thin laptop or the backlit monitors but what ROI does that bring to the company?  Ultimate and instant value can be seen in increased security for a company’s most valuable asset, data. This includes data such as financial, personal information and intellectual property. The devastation from any breech is catastrophic.   Let AhelioTech help you create an additional line of defense.

Let AhelioTech Help Protect Your Business

Contact AhelioTech today for more information on your current level of firewall protection and to see how a Next Gen Firewall can enhance your security and protection.

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