Internal vs. Outsourced IT Services: Which Should You Choose For Your Business?

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Internal vs. Outsourced IT Services: Which Should You Choose For Your Business?

So, you’re in the market for an IT expert. You’re not sure whether you should take the plunge and hire an in-house IT manager, or go for a managed IT services provider.

Well, look no further than our handy analysis of the pros and cons of both options, which will help you choose the route that’s right for you.

Let’s dive in, starting with the pros and cons of internal IT support.  

Internal IT Support

The Pros

Creating an in-house IT department certainly has its benefits. For one, the person you hire will work for your company and your company alone, meaning they will get to know your business inside and out. 

During the hiring process, you can also be extremely specific about the qualifications and experience you want your new joinee to have. This will potentially enable you to choose someone with fantastic experience, who adds additional value to your company through strategic input. 

Finally, if your company wants to innovate and digitally transform, having an internal IT person is undoubtedly useful, as they can spearhead internal projects that require specialist technology expertise and skills. 

The Cons

Unfortunately, the picture we’ve painted of having your own IT manager is a rather Utopian one. Currently, IT professionals are in short supply as demand for digital skills soars across the US. In line with this, Gartner research found that 64% of companies cite talent shortages as the most significant barrier to the adoption of emerging technologies. 

Moreover, not only are talented IT professionals hard to come by, but they’re a costly expense, with average salaries sitting well above $50,000 annually. 

Plus, that’s only the salary for a singular professional. If you want to hire a whole team, you could end up spending over $200,000 a year – and that’s before you even start thinking about company benefits, progression opportunities and future growth. 

At the same time, you need to remember that your one IT guy will probably only have time to respond to employee troubleshooting requests and other maintenance procedures, rather than make a real strategic impact. 

Outsourced IT Support 

The Pros

In comparison to the cost of hiring a full-time IT staff member, outsourcing your IT support is extremely cost efficient. 

You effectively receive the expertise and knowledge of a whole team of IT professionals for less than the price of one full-time IT manager. In line with this, it’s no wonder that the number one reason for outsourcing for 70% of companies is cost reduction.

Moreover, outsourced IT providers offer stability and flexibility. At Ahelio, for example, we offer a flat, monthly fee for our services with no long-term contracts. This helps you with budget forecasting and planning, without feeling tied into a commitment. 

Another benefit of outsourced IT support is consulting expertise. We’re not just here to help you with security and maintenance. We can also assist your business with uncovering new efficiencies and revenue streams through technology. 

This is because we work closely with your company to learn how your business works, prioritize your goals, and develop a strategy to ensure quality results that positively impact your bottom line. Whether you’re after website development or an improved phone system, we can assist – all while providing 24/7 support for day-to-day IT queries and issues.  

The Cons

The potential downsides of outsourced IT only arise when you don’t choose your provider carefully. Make sure to select a company that offers 24/7 support and promises to respond to your requests swiftly. Otherwise, you may end up feeling unsupported, paying for a service you’re unhappy with. 

Here at Ahelio, we’re pleased to say that we offer all of our customers 24-7 monitoring and ongoing support. You will receive access to immediate IT assistance 24 hours a day, so you’re never left with an IT problem that can’t be fixed. 

We also recommend looking at the reviews of potential IT providers to get a sense of customer satisfaction. It goes without saying that you should avoid working with a company that has received bad reviews. Speaking of, you can head to our reviews page here to see what our happy customers have to say. 

Is Outsourcing IT the Future? Definitely!

With all the benefits to be realized from IT outsourcing, the market is booming. By the end of 2023, IT outsourcing should exceed a spend of $1.3 trillion, as companies increasingly rely on external digital transformation expertise. At the same time, 52% of organizations that already outsource IT say they are planning on increasing their outsourcing strategies in the next year. 

Don’t get left behind because you don’t have the right internal IT expertise. Start outsourcing today and unlock the potential of digital solutions in your company. 

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