Developing a Business Continuity Plan 

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At AhelioTech, we pride ourselves on our preventative approach to protect and prepare your organization against potential disasters. As part of that approach, we highly recommend having a business continuity strategy in place. While a Disaster Recovery Plan includes the processes and tools in place to retrieve any lost or compromised data, a Business Continuity Plan outlines how a business will continue to operate in the event of a disruption, such as a natural disaster, cyberattack or pandemic. A Business Continuity Plan is designed to minimize the impact of the disruption on an organization’s operations, customers, employees and reputation. 


What Should an Organization Evaluate to Determine Their Business Continuity Plan? 

  • Acceptable downtime/data recovery period. Can you perform daily operations from an onsite backup from the last 24 hours while the rest of the data is recovered from an off-site backup? What is that acceptable period for total recovery?  
  • Potential threats and vulnerabilities that could affect the business and their likelihood and impact.  
  • The business impact of critical functions and processes of the business and its dependencies.  
  • A recovery strategy of the actions and resources needed to restore the critical functions and processes of the business in the shortest possible time.  
  • Specific roles and responsibilities of the staff, stakeholders and external partners involved in the recovery process and the communication channels and protocols to be used.  
  • Testing and reviewing the process that validates the effectiveness and efficiency of the recovery strategy and plan to help identify areas for improvement.  


Why is a Business Continuity Plan vital for all businesses?

  • Protects the organization’s assets, data and reputation from potential damage or loss.  
  • Ensures continuity of service delivery and customer satisfaction.  
  • Provides a plan to have staff back up and running quickly.   
  • Reduces the financial losses and legal liabilities caused by the disruption.  
  • Strengthens the trust and loyalty of the customers, employees, and partners.  


AhelioTech is here to help you prepare your Business Continuity Plan. 

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